What is data dot?

What is data dot?

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Ok, so whats the story with data-dot?

Early in September 2012 i sent a bakkie for engine clearance, Unless you get lucky this is usually a terrible procedure which includes a que at the traffic department, a que at the clearance center and +/- an hour long wait in the scorching sun in your car at the station, anyways, this particular day the sent me for datadoting as well,

The procedure was not new to me but what made me a bit furiuos was that it cost a whole 600 bucks!

The idea of the added security is great, i just think the genuises who decided to amendment the" National Road Traffic Regulation" shouldve considered the expense, R600 is alot of money for anyone now a days especially if its an unexpected expence to prevent crime that just keeps on getting worst.

In the ideal scenario i think the clearance station should be providing the service for free, Imagine going for engine clearance and the inspector sends you home to fetch him a torch

In my opinion i think paying for "Datadoting" on a used car falls in the same category.

Anyways since that day a few people have been asking me about the little dots and a thought id gather some information and post it live.

Hope it helps...

I might have my dates wrong so please verify elsewhere if its of any importance to you!

What is microdots/datadots?

  • Datadots also known as "Microdots" are tiny particals manufactured from polyester metallic substrate which is less than 1mm in diameter.
  • A vehicles V.I.N (Vehicle Identification Number) is lazer engraved to each Microdot
  • Datadots are applied by using an aerosel can containing the datadots and some fancy adhesive
  • The Datadots can only be seen under a UV light
  • Each Can contains +/- 10000 dots
  • The Dots are sprayed to the interior, exterior and mechanics of the car

When is DataDot ?

  • It is compulsory for all motor vehicles first registered on or after 1 September 2012 to have microdots installed .
  • Microdots are also required to be fitted to all vehicles that are presented for a Police clearance.

Where is Microdot

  • There are a few places that offer the service, many roadworthy centers also fit Microdots
  • Ill list a few places in a couple of days,

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