Selling your code 3 / rebuilt / built-up vehicle

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We buy Coded, Rebuild, Code 3 Cars

If you are selling a previously damaged or stolen and recovered car, subject to an assessment, we will consider buying your rebuilt car if the following conditions are met:

  • The seller has to be the original owner and title holder of the vehicle
  • If you have the vehicle for less than 3 years, we need the original receipt of the vehicle, proving your purchase.
  • If you have the vehicle for less than a year, we will only consider buying the vehicle if you purchased the car from a reputable dealership/salvage/auction and you have the receipt
  • If you can supply us a police clearance certificate
  • If the car has had data dots installed and you have the data dot certificate
  • If the car is de-registered and registered as a scrapped car, we will consider buying it if the correct documentation is available

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